Commitment to the Environment and Sustainability

“NADAL FORWARDING, commited to environment and Sustainability


Nadal Forwarding has a great awareness, commitment and respect for the Environment and its Sustainability in all aspects. For years now we have been working in that direction with small things that, little by little have been integrated into the organization culture by fostering the spread of these values to our clients and partners.

Some of these improvements that have contributed to a better quality and environment sustainability are:

100% of the electricity consumption of NADAL FORWARDING is from renewable sources or high efficiency. (View certificate)

Substitute the fork lift trucks for totally electric ones

Incorporate hybrid and electric cars to our fleet of commercial vehicles and delivery vans.

We try to use shipping lines whose ships are propelled by Liquefied Natural Gas

Reducing the printing and sending of paper invoices and documents by using e-mails, etc.

In order to close the commitment on corporative environmental policy and because of the increase in concern about the environment and its importance in the logistics sector, Nadal Forwarding has decided to implement an Environmental Management System (SGA), according to rule ISO 14001:2015 in all the organization.


The affectation and responsibility of the fulfillment of the current Environmental Policy falls on all the personnel that work for NADAL FORWARDING S.L. or in its name.


Environmental Management is one of the priorities of the company. The NADAL FORWARDING S.L. management, undertakes to ensure to spread and fulfill this Environmental Policy, revising and updating it systematically.

Our commitment is based on the following principles:

Always comply with the existing environmental legislation and rules and all those environmental commitments that NADAL FORWARDING S.L. subscribes to.

Make the company personnel as well as those interested outside the company aware of their responsibilities in the Environmental Policy. Be aware of the impact this could have for the organization, if the desired objectives are not fulfilled. The applicable legislation and risks, which are identified by the Environmental Management System, the company could face if not applied.

Contract suppliers who have the tools and use them to reduce to the maximum the environmental impact that come from their activities.

Promote good environmental practices and detect errors or non-conformities, this way avoiding recurrence.

Continuous optimization and rationalization of the resources used by our company in order to avoid contamination and to reduce to the maximum waste generated in the development of our activities.

Managing the waste by minimizing the production of the same.

Managing, implementing, updating and systematic revision of the Environmental Management System implemented. The environmental protection commitment by the organization based on continuous improvement of the environmental performance by NADAL FORWARDING S.L.