NADAL FORWARDING offers the service of Customs Agent, with its own structure and qualification that allows us to manage logistics processes and international transport of goods

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A key element and of high added value of NADAL FORWARDING are the Customs Broker services that we offer since 1979 with our own structure and qualifications, this allows us to manage the logistics and international transport processes of goods without external dependence, having a direct control over customs clearance from the company itself. All of this results in greater agility and resolution capacity in the case of administrative requirements.


We detail the services and strengths we offer as Customs Brokers:

AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) Certification - Allows for simplification of customs procedures.

Management and presentation INTRASTAT

Centralised customs clearance

Processing of Licenses - DOVIS - AGRIMS at the Ministry of Commerce

Product classification - HS CODE

Procedures for obtaining the AUTHORIZED EXPORTER certificate

First customs agent in Spain to sign the protocol that allowed customs clearance by computerized procedure.

D.A.P. public customs warehouses, A.D.T. temporary storage warehouses, and warehouses other than the D.D.A.A. customs warehouse, authorized consignor and receiver, all of which are computer-connected with the A.E.A.T.

Appeals before Customs, T.E.A.R. and administrative litigation

Direct EDI telematic connection with AEAT

Advice on customs matters

Procedures for obtaining payment of DEFERRED VAT

More than 25,000 customs clearances per year in Spain

Our expert staff will recommend and advise you on everything necessary to ensure the best option depending on the specific requirements of your product, choosing the fastest, safest and most economical formula for you.

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