Export / Import Sea Transport Situation

Shortage of space, lack of equipment, strong generalised increase in freight and cancellation of departures / stopovers, is the current situation in the short and medium term.

Since the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic, the price of shipping has been on a rising trend. The reduction in exports from China from April onwards, due to the closure of factories because of the pandemic, has led to the cancellation of ship departures, known as “Blank Sailings”, and consequently container rotations have slowed down due to fewer departures, more stopovers and longer transit times.

All this situation has caused ships to be saturated with cargo, port congestion, slow loading and unloading, lack of equipment (Containers), increased demand and lack of space, resulting in a sharp increase in freight and additional charges, and a shortage of space availability.

The forecast is that there will continue to be “Blank Sailings”, a shortage of containers/space and an increase in freight in the short and medium term for all traffics, especially in the FAR EAST, which due to its importance and volume, at the same time affects the rest of the shipping lines worldwide.

Due to all this situation of the Worldwide Maritime Transport, we advise you to anticipate as much as possible all your export / import operations, in order to try to ensure the reception of the goods on the scheduled dates.

We also put at your disposal other means for your urgent operations or those affected by “Blank Sailings” or lack of space:

  • Air Cargo – Direct
  • Air Cargo – Combined (Airplane + Truck)
  • Rail – Combined (Rail + Truck)

For more information, please contact your usual contact or the Sales Team:

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